Marble Lounge Chairs 


Fabio Alemanno Design is a family owned company with over 40 years’ experience in designing, manufacturing and installing high-end projects with marble and other natural stones. At our factory in the South of Italy, we combine traditional craftsmanship with cutting-edge technologies to develop unique pieces, designed to meet refined taste and demanding imagination.   

Passion, experience and the attention to details lead any design we create. We love to satisfy clients’ wishes turning dreams into reality, delivery perfection and beauty. 

We are proud to continue this magnificent tradition that made Italian artisans famous in the world and strive, with our work, to continue it.



Perfect Combination of

Tradition &

Cutting-Edge Technology

There is a distinguished philosophy that lies behind FABIO ALEMANNO DESIGN’s work:  A passionate family and skilled craftsmanship appreciating the real value of the stone and its natural prestige. The experienced hand of our team of skilled artisans is the fundamental tool in achieving the transformation of a block of marble in an immaculate piece of art. We continuously improve our know-how in modern techniques as well as preserving the traditional art (hand-made) to ensure the best quality and perfection. 






Our most ambitious project is combining traditional marble sculpturing with innovative engineering to make it functional. Our Heated Marble Lounge Chairs and Spa Equipment are unique sculptures made from a single block of flawless marble, brought to life thanks to metal construction and fibre glass bodywork. Equipped with heating system and tilt mechanism, our product offer an intimate usefulness no marble sculpture has even achieved. Ergonomically shaped, unique in their design and structure, our infra-red heated lounge chairs and spa equipment combine wellness with design and technology offering unparalleled comfort and amazing relaxation experiences while enhancing the state of well-being. 



The proven

Medical Benefit of "WARMTH"

WELLNESS for your body, mind and soul. With this in mind, our Heated Lounge Chairs and Spa Equipment are designed to offer maximum ergonomic support and freedom of movement. The silky smooth finish applied to the marble soothes the skin as pleasant warmth radiates throughout the entire body enhancing the effect of unparalleled relaxation. The adjustable tilt angle makes our Lounge Chairs the pinnacle of relaxation with an almost zero gravity effect. 

Our Heated Marble Lounge Chairs offer the benefits of traditional therapeutic heat methods such as hot-stone massage, infrared treatment and fang packs all in one. The deep penetrative effect of radiating warmth enhances the body own natural regenerative processes. 

Wellness has never been so elegant and effective.


The adjustable temperature with three independent “Heat Zones” make our Lounge Chairs the right choice for those seeking perfection in personal wellness.


The combination of warmth and ergonomic perfection incorporates many therapeutic treatment methods. 

The radiated warmth improves and strengthens the metabolism, blood circulation as well as resonating with the cell structure thus enhancing and accelerating the healing process.

Our Lounge Chairs and spa equipment are heralding a new age in medical wellness and heat therapy.